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This is a neat comparison of two different “artist” categories and their equivalents.

Based on an observation by Greene and Greene’s David Mathias that the Beatles were the Frank Lloyd Wright of music, Architect magazine (@architectmag) roped Architizer (@architizer), Co.Design (@fastcodesign), and a bunch of other Twitter hounds into a game this morning that made us lose track of all other work for at least 45 minutes.


1. “Philip Glass : Peter Zumthor (minimalist, polarizing)” Via @Architizer

2. “Zaha Hadid : Diana Ross (Brash, groundbreaking, as famous for their crazy as they are for their work)” Via @thewhereblog

3. “Mozart : David Rockwell (crowd-pleasing spectacle)” Via @architectmag

4. “Hans Zimmer: Frank Gehry (predictable, well loved, unsubtle)” @fastcodesign

5. “Venturi & Scott Brown : Sonny and Cher (quirky couple working within the pop realm)” Via @volume_ctrl

Five more after the break…

6. “Jonny Greenwood: Rem Koolhaas (stylistically varied, cerebral, collage artist)” Via @cliffkuang

7. “Jefferson Starship : REX (shiny, spin-off of another band)” Via @Architizer

8. “John Williams : Robert A.M. Stern (lush, updated classical; safe, sure bet)” Via @architectmag

9. “Beck : Jean Nouvel (shapeshifter; widely recognized as great, but possibly a genius)” Via @architectmag

10. “Enya: John Pawson (simplistic and elegantly composed)” Via @GinaAlex

via Architizer

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