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We are a graphic design studio located in Northeast Ohio.

here We believe that good design is good business, and that connecting clients to their customers through visual communication is fundamental to good graphic design. We specialize in creative problem solving and we are passionate about what we do. The best relationships are built on collaboration. That’s how we’ve formed long lasting partnerships with our clients—by actively listening to understand their objectives and audiences, and then delivering powerful creative solutions. We trust our design process and think our work speaks for itself. But that’s not where it ends, on top of all of the design objectives, it’s our mission to provide an unparalleled customer service experience for our clients.
Oh, and check out our side-hustle: Radhaus.


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Hoover The WindTunnel Cyclonic was the first Hoover product to launch after a corporate merger, and a fresh, new look was critical. By using more dramatic photography and realistic scenery, we were able to create a design that looked high end, but also accessible for customers. We simplified and organized the look and feel of the packaging, and carried these themes throughout the line.

The Fussy Cleaners

We have worked on a wide variety of projects for The Fussy Cleaners. This chain of dry cleaning retail locations in Northeast Ohio is a premier location for customers, and we’ve helped them reinforce that brand with websites, email campaigns, direct mail, in-store signage, vehicle graphics, newspaper ads, sales support materials, door hangers and more.



Foundations relies on us for all their graphic design needs; we are their entire creative department. From day one of product development through the entire lifecycle of their products we are there providing creative direction, graphic support, and visual marketing execution across all platforms. A recent redesign of their website led to a more than 1,000% increase in desired conversions.

Hope on the Slopes

Hope on the Slopes is an annual fundraiser for the Kylie Jane Long Foundation to benefit families struggling with pediatric cancer and other severe illnesses. We created the visual identity and several other promotional pieces for this event. This event is about coming together as individuals to create something bigger. Skiing plays a big role in the event, and in the logo itself, individual skiers combine to form a perfect snowflake.

Child Craft

Child Craft is a leader in providing safe, fashionable sleep furniture for babies. We helped them update their brand, adding a fresh look and feel, while still keeping its legacy intact by creating a new, responsive e-commerce platform, email campaigns and in-store graphics, like brochures, packaging, hangtags and signs. In addition to our design work, we also provide art direction on all photography.

Hedstrom Plastics

Hedstrom has a wide range of capabilities in the roto-molding plastics market, and they wanted to showcase their technology. We created quick video clips with on-the-floor footage that demonstrated their capabilities. The videos run full frame on the website and reinforce their technology and expertise. Additionally, we created a print brochure to support the website.

Mr. Chicken

A Cleveland favorite since the early 1960s, Mr. Chicken had never updated their brand, and was in need of a refresh to stay current with other national chains. We updated their identity with a fresh new look by designing a new logo, taking new photos for the menu, and designing all new packaging and promotional materials – even consulting on building renovations.

Little Tikes

As one of the most popular and beloved toy brands for toddlers and preschoolers, Little Tikes sent over 2 million catalogs to customers each quarter, making the catalog a major business driver. We also designed packaging and art directed elaborate sets for the Chevy and Ford branded toy truck lines leading to compelling photography that showcased the product in a fun way.

Model Uniforms

Model Uniforms made an investment in RFID tracking for the uniforms in their rental program, so they could track their garments throughout the maintenance process. RFID signals the future in garment tracking, and we created a website, brochure, infographic and logo to illustrate the benefit of this technology to their customers. We also provided general graphic support for the program.

Kith + Kids

For this modern living solution to children’s furniture, we helped Kith + Kids create an identity and provided graphic support for their first line of products. By using individual product cards instead of a fully bound catalog, we allowed the company the flexibility to adapt as products changed, keeping costs down and quality up. We also designed additional promotional materials, including ads and direct mail.


To a fitness professional, The Bosu Ball is an incredible piece of exercise equipment. We took that popularity one step further by adding e-commerce and blogging capabilities to their website. By creating a customized Magento storefront and integrating a blog, we improved their online presence and drove traffic and sales through the site. Additionally, we made the new website responsive, with desktop, mobile, and tablet optimization.

The Wine Mill

We created a brand identity for a new wine bar in an iconic old building in Peninsula, Ohio. The building features a working water wheel, which we incorporated into the logo, along with the wine bottles to create a memorable logo. Additionally, we designed all the supporting graphics, including the menu, bottle labels, website, and other promotional items.


James Kurtz James Kurtz Rollover

James Kurtz

Creative Director

Jim, Jimmy, James, he'll answer to all three. Like most kids growing up he loved to draw, he just never stopped. Trained in the Swiss disciplines of design via a BFA from Ohio University he has been perfecting his craft professionally since 1999.

Chuck Kilpatrick Chuck Kilpatrick Rollover

Chuck Kilpatrick

Sr. Graphic Designer

With a lifelong passion for design and a mind that’s eager to think creatively and solve problems, Chuck has the skills to get things done. He is the powerhouse behind our production schedule. Cranking out work faster and better than thought humanly possible.

Colleen Jarvis Colleen Jarvis Rollover

Colleen Jarvis

Marketing Associate

What do you call a dad-joke when you’re not a dad? A Colleen joke! She’s been droppin’ puns and getting things done since ninety-one. Fueled by Americanos she manages our inbound and outbound marketing programs as well as practicing photoshop jujitsu daily.

Parker Laughlin Parker Laughlin Rollover

Parker Laughlin

Graphic Designer

Parker's special talents—outside of design of course—include riding a unicycle and making the perfect cup of coffee (just not at the same time). He can usually be found around the office quoting Adam Sandler movies or talking sports.

Grant Wang Grant Wang Rollover

Grant Wang

Graphic Designer

Grant is an obsessive visual designer with an emphasis on UX, and a hobby in digital art. He enjoys rainy days, and if he's not spending time with his cat, he's in pursuit of creative ideas, food, and caffeine far and wide.

Abby Buchanan Abby Buchanan Rollover

Abby Buchanan

Freelance Graphic Designer

Jumping in to help out, increasing capacity as needed, Abby is our go to freelancer. She was an intern a few years ago, and since has graduated from KSU majoring in Visual Communication Design with a minor in Photo Illustration.

Joren Rapini Joren Rapini Rollover

Joren Rapini

Web & App Development
Ryan Smas Ryan Smas Rollover

Ryan Smas

Photography & Videography
Laura Petrella Laura Petrella Rollover

Laura Petrella

Copy Editing
Ashley Smas Ashley Smas Rollover

Ashley Smas

Photo Styling
Matt Williams Matt Williams Rollover

Matt Williams

Search Engine Optimization & PPC
Morgan Lasher Morgan Lasher Rollover

Morgan Lasher

Marketing Strategy & Social Media
Kat Pestian Kat Pestian Rollover

Kat Pestian

Public Relations & Copy Writing

When you work with The Kurtz Graphic Design Co. you also have access to the talented members of the Summit Collective. Summit Collective is a group of creative professionals who work both independently and collaboratively to offer businesses and nonprofits a wide range of services—such as graphic design, web and app development, photography, videography, social media, public relations, digital strategy, copy writing, and copy editing. Acting as your full-service creative agency, yet instead of maintaining a high level of resources and overhead, working on an as needed basis to fulfill the specific objectives of each particular project, thus lowering costs, increasing savings, all while providing comprehensive, quality services.



if it can be printed, then it needs to be designed first. Catalogs, brochures, leave behinds, sell sheets, presentation boards, business cards, signs, banners, posters, direct mail, menus, forms, trade show support, plan-o-grams, letterhead, invitations, and so on... we can help you with your next print project.


Whether for the web or an app we can provide the graphic expertise needed for a successful project. We focus on design and bring in members of the Summit Collective (or work with your preferred vendors) to give the best mix of expertise. We've found a balanced approach of collaboration produces the most successful projects.


Visual branding is crucial to any organization's essence. It's your face. It's what people see when they think of you; how you're remembered and perceived. It's your core. We can help with new logos, re-brands, sub-brands, or product lines from the logo concept to a comprehensive identity standards manual.


1. Discover 2. Design
Brief Investigate Research
Evaluate Explore Experiment
3. Develop 2. Deliver
Refine Critique Evolve
Deploy Implement Review
1. Discover 2. Design 3. Develop 4. Deliver
Brief Investigate Research
Evaluate Explore Experiment
Refine Critique Evolve
Deploy Implement Review



I truly enjoy working with Jim. [H]e has a great attitude, a willingness to ‘get the job done’ even under unreasonable timelines and he’s self-motivated…and best of all, [he’s] highly creative.

Sue Oshaben
Senior Graphic Designer
Little Tikes Toy Company

Jim Kurtz is an extremely talented graphic designer. His knowledge for design coupled with his understanding of brand identity, truly made my job easier. Jim has an outstanding ability to complete complex projects rapidly in order to meet deadlines. In addition to his talent as a designer, I believe Jim’s ability to be organized, even within chaos makes him one of the best designers I have had the privilege to work with.

Vicki Prussak
Graphic Marketing Manager
TTI Floor Care North America

James truly listened to what I was looking for... He took what was in my imagination and only after a brief meeting was able to organize it and develop it into a cohesive and effective layout. His work is professional and timely. James provided creative design while respecting our current brand. He has on-the-spot creativity and the deep technical knowledge that can positively affect any company’s image.

Jason Long
Vice President
The Fussy Cleaners

I really appreciate you guys, you are true partners and I am so glad (we) picked you!

Chris McManus
Marketing Coordinator
Mr. Chicken

I lost count of how many times it was Jim’s commitment, energy, and good humor that allowed us to complete important, high profile communications projects. Jim is one of the best designers I have ever worked with, in all senses—technically, creatively, and interpersonally. He has a wonderful work ethic, an easygoing yet focused style, integrity, flexibility, and adaptability.

Marcelyn Kropp
Marketing Coordinator
Ohio University Alumni Association

I love the site! You guys are awesome as usual!!!

Liz Rowsey
Internet Development Supervisor
Hedstrom - Ball, Bounce & Sport, Inc.

James and Ryan are top notch. I had a fun time making this video that will pay off big time for our company.

Dan LaCarte
Model Cleaners

Everything you said you would do, you did... only better. To anyone deciding whether to try you... proceed with confidence.

Brad Lubinger
Town Planner

I AM VERY PLEASED! Everyone will tell you that I am "very hard to please"... but when it is 'right'... I am VERY happy!

Kay Money
Discover the Bible Lands

I love it! You’re a damn creative genius...I love the imagery! Thank you so much; this rocks. It’s awesome to see this coming together.

Colin Valdiserri
Co-Founder and CEO
Informed Decision Group



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