We’ve Updated Our Website! Let Us Show You Around

Change and progress have defined the last year. In that vein, we’ve made some changes of our own. You might have noticed some scrolling through our website—from cosmetic fine-tuning to brand new pages. 

You know what they say: “The only constant is change.” And that couldn’t be more true for the graphic design industry. We’re always looking to stay on the cutting edge and give our clients the best user experience possible. 

Whether you're browsing our website or collaborating with us on a brand identity, our goal is always to provide the highest quality customer service and, of course, design deliverables. So allow us to play curator for a moment and highlight our updates and what they mean for you.  

Our new tagline and evolving mission

We’ll start with our updated tagline. It may not seem like a big deal, but a tagline is an important component of a brand’s identity. It clearly communicates your purpose to the world with punchy memorable language. 

Our original tagline was, “Good design is good business.” That mantra is still true, and we continue to believe in it and practice it. But, as a team, we reflected on our years of graphic design work, and something caught our eyes more than simply providing good design. 

We help transform brands. With our proven process and wellspring of experience, we give our clients’ businesses first-class branding on par with large national brands. So we landed on our new tagline: Transforming Small Businesses into Big Brands™.

A portfolio focused on case studies

But an improved tagline alone isn’t enough. We want to show you how the transformations happen—to walk you through those individual journeys, so you can witness the transformations from start to finish. 

We think case studies are the most effective way to demonstrate these transformations. So we replaced our original portfolio with narratives that clearly communicate the journey our clients’ brands have experienced collaborating with our firm. 

Please, take a moment to peruse our growing collection of case studies, and see what working with KURTZ is like. Looking for suggestions? 

  • See how we helped the Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation rebrand as Peg’s Foundation with a renewed focus on its founder.  
  • Read how we redeveloped the branding for a beloved local chicken restaurant, putting it on par with its national competitors.
  • Or see how we updated a precision metal manufacturer’s decades-old branding to fit their new capabilities.  

New pages: Our Process, Our Services, and Who We Serve

Our new case studies are helpful for witnessing particular projects. But, for the sake of transparency, we also want to show you Our Process. Over the years, we’ve perfected a four-part method that works for our team and our clients. Check out Our Process page and learn more about the four Ds of KURTZ. 

We’ve also added new pages that lay out Our Services and Who We Serve. We even created a new contact page. 

Thanks for reading. Keep an eye out for new blog posts coming soon about all things graphic design. 

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