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Remember the 2008 movie WALL·E? Produced by Pixar for Walt Disney Studios, WALL·E is an animated movie set in a dystopian future where the human world has been overrun with garbage. The main character is a small waste-collecting robot named WALL·E. The movie follows WALL·E as he embarks on an unforgettable journey through space that will ultimately decide the future of humanity (and robots, too).

WallE Typeset in the Future Movie DetailsIf you liked the movie and you like to nerd out on design and typography, you might also be interested in reading an excerpt about the movie WALL·E from Dave Addey's book, Typeset In The Future. In the excerpt, he analyzes what could only be every single meticulous design detail used throughout the entire movie (complete with images!) Check out the sample below.

WallE Gunship lowercase uppercase details Typeset In The Future
In the image above, the top row of text is lowercase Gunship. The bottom row of text is uppercase Gunship.

"The bold extended typeface seen on WALL·E’s front plate is Gunship, designed by Dan Zadorozny, one of the unsung heroes of modern sci-fi type design. Dan is an amateur type designer from Texas whose Iconian Fonts website features more than six hundred free hand-crafted typefaces, many of which have been used by sci-fi movies, TV shows, and book designers.

In addition to WALL·E’s front plate, Gunship is seen on Earth and aboard the Axiom, the flagship spacecraft of megacorporation Buy n Large (BnL, for short), most notably for robot-facing wall and door typography. Its upper- and lowercase variants include different combinations of cutouts and curve orientations, giving designers flexibility when crafting robot signage. (Strictly speaking, this means that our hero’s name, correctly capitalized, is “waLL·e,” with the interpunct as a further customization—Gunship’s own interpunct is rectangular.)"

What a great read! If you're interested in learning more of WALL·E's fascinating design and typography details, read the full article here!

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