MTV Finally Doing Something Worthwhile?

Probably not, but it remains to be seen.

MTV engine room logo

Ever since catching an episode of Project Runway a few years ago I’ve been waiting for a similar graphic design related reality show to spring up. It looks like MTV currently has something in the works. The show will be called Engine Room and casting just closed about a week ago. The show will feature contestants competing to create animations, short videos, websites, and sound mixes. It’s a nice idea for a show, however I wish a different network was developing the concept. I’m not sure watching beautiful, whiney, spoiled brats sit in front of computers and yell at each other Real World style will be quite the entertainment they are hoping for nor the industry profile many designers may wish to see.

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  1. Well, the show is now over. There are only 7, 7 minute episodes and while the creative teams do indeed do great work the way the show is edited together it pretty much trivializes the amount of time and effort it takes to create something. All in all I’d give the show a big FAIL.

    MTV though has a win in a non-design related project. Their new website MTV Music (yes, that’s Music Television Music) now has thousands of videos available for free!




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