Sniper Vs. Shotgun Marketing

Atlanta-based firm Matchstic has designed a beautiful PDF illustrating the difference between two types of marketing strategies: a shotgun and sniper. Shotgun marketing they say is a hit or miss situation but can be done quickly. While sniper marketing is rare and takes careful planning and lots of time. It's clear that they are sniping up some business with this strategy.

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  1. Excellent! Both guns have certain advantages and of course their difference is the power of distance.Shotguns are most powerful when in a point blank range to short distance while on the other hand snipers are very deadly even if it's a yard or even a kilometer away.

  2. In applying the characteristics of a shotgun and sniper gun in marketing strategy, the shotgun simply means marketing to the masses, rather than selecting a specific target market while the sniper refers to more specific target marketing where specific audiences/customers are focused upon.

  3. Shotgun campaigns are, by their very nature, less personal than the rifle campaigns. This may be appropriate to your business. I generally think of shotgun marketing as creating awareness and rifle marketing as getting results. However, it depends on your business, your personality and your target audience.



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