NFL on Fox Sports Redesign That Never Was

NFL on FOX graphic design

Motionographer has a great feature on a redesign that almost happened with the NFL on Fox back in 2005. Hard to imagine that something this simple and elegant was ever even in the running considering that they now use a dancing robot named Cletus which has got to be the exact opposite of this approach. Too bad it never happened.

They were very specific about wanting something that would look good a decade later, something that would stand the test of time, a look totally different from what they had. Clean typography, easy to read, interesting, bold, etc. It was exciting to think of seeing some grid systems in use with clean sans, simple colors, etc when you watched sports. Sounded like something that would make me almost want to watch sports again.

Note that Cleveland is losing even in a concept and despite the fact that the video clearly shows a game they aren't even playing in. Ugh, being a Browns fan is a tough life.

via Motionographer.

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