Wenlock & Mandeville: 2012 Olympic Mascots

Olympic Mascot Diagram

The mascots (notice the plural) for London's 2010 Olympics have been revealed. They are "futuristic" and certainly daring.

Olympic Mascot Diagram London 2012

It will be interesting to watch the public reaction to these characters. My guess is that everyone will hate them at first, and then, if they are marketed towards children aggressively, everyone will still hate them, but will at least put up with them for the kids.

Personally, I think they're kind of cool.

"Our brief was to create mascots that would excite and inspire young people and encourage them to get involved in sport. We wanted everyone, especially young people, to be able to take part, so we asked ourselves, ‘Why have one mascot when you can have million's;" says Grant Hunter of Iris.

via Creative Review.

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