Differences That Make KURTZ a Top Graphic Design Firm

The Kurtz Graphic Design Co. is a top graphic design firm and there are reasons why.


We love this stuff. We are passionate about good design. We read about it on our days off and think about it in the shower. It’s more than a job; it’s a lifestyle. We are also passionate about our core values.


We feel our process is so effective we gave it its own section on the website. Read more about how we discover, design, develop, and deploy successful strategies time and time again.


There are three key partnerships in each of our client relationships.

1) Client
By integrating into your business, learning it, coming to meetings on your site (even non-creative meetings), immersing ourselves in your industry, and taking the long view that we will be working together for many years to come in a healthy creative partnership, over time, leads to a deep understanding of your company. Many of our clients even keep our costs on their internal operations budget, where we effectively become an “out”house creative department.

2) Client’s Vendors
We seamlessly work within your business and with your already established vendors, collaborating with your current printers, photographers, digital strategy consultants, writers, or whomever you already work with. We are eager to create meaningful relationships directly with these vendors so you don’t have to act as referee between the separate firms. Cooperation leads to higher efficiencies, better productivity, and a higher-quality deliverable.

3) Summit Collective
We are a founding member of the Summit Collective, which means we can bring on additional talent in other areas like writing, photography, web development, and SEO as needed on a project-by-project basis while keeping overheads low. We understand graphic design does not exist in a vacuum, we are eager to participate as part of your larger creative team, and we can even help you assemble that team.


At The Kurtz Graphic Design Co., we’re not predisposed to a certain style or look. We strongly believe that the look and feel of each company should be independent of the graphic designer. After all, it’s your identity, not ours. In short, we are not concerned with graphic design as a form of self-expression—we have hobbies and free time for that. Our primary concern when designing for you is to reach a high aesthetic standard while meeting specific business objectives in the desired visual voice of the client. It’s about generating stuff that works, and if it looks good, it’s because looking good works well. Our view of aesthetics goes beyond the surface look of a piece; it also involves providing expert advice, strategic insights, and creation of rich, meaningful content to help you succeed in a competitive environment.

The best way to judge our aesthetic standard is, of course, to review our portfolio.


Bottom line, we’re in the service industry, a creative service, sure, but a service none the less. Too many other firms demand clients bend to their will or way of doing things—there is almost an air of pretension. Not with us. We go above and beyond to make sure that not only do you get a stellar end product, but the process of getting to that end product was hassle-free—even fun! We track down answers, show up on time, meet deadlines, don’t make excuses, come to your office, assemble unique per-project creative teams, take responsibility, and aim to relieve burdens, not create them.

Leadership is an important element in our customer service strategy. We don’t believe in sitting idle while project deadlines go by the wayside. We take initiative, solve problems to keep projects moving, drive tasks, keep collaborators on point, and get things done.

Traditional creative agencies are being left in the dust. Gone are the days of a large firm with huge overhead (and huge rates) setting strategy autonomously for their clients. Today it’s all about small, independent specialists coming together to collaborate on a project-by-project basis. So if this model has changed, why are so many of the old industry practices still hanging around? Here are a few things that we feel are relics of an old way of doing business—so, naturally, we do things differently.

Copyrights will be transferred to you upon completion of the work. No more worrying about paying a licensing fee if you want to use something again and again. It’s your project, you paid for it, it’s yours. End of story.

Source art files will be provided upon request at no charge. This is somewhat related to the copyright issue, but technically a bit different. Go ask a big firm if you can have the source files for your project. Good luck.

We believe in clear, up-front pricing. No hidden fees, no surprise invoices, just a clear scope of work with a clear design fee.

No tags on your work with our name or brand. This is actually a newer “standard” that we feel is absolutely silly. We won’t put our name or link on your website or on your e-mails. It’s all your branding, and that is that.

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