The Printing Industry of Years Past

This video from the Internet Archive is a wonderful profile of the printing industry in 1947. While it was originally created to inform people of the different types of jobs they could get in printing, it now serves as a historical document.

My Grandfather owned a small printing company in Cleveland, Ohio during these years. It was especially interesting for me to see the type of work-life he must have had. Although it looks like a fascinating job I don’t think I’d be in this industry if it were not for computers.

By means of printing, the fund of knowledge accumulated through the ages is available to everyone, rich and poor alike. Printing is essential to all education. All the other arts rely on it. Religious movements depend on it. All the other arts rely on it. Business could not function without it, nor could government. Because of the need for printed matter in practically all of man’s activities, printing now ranks 4th among the nation’s great industries.

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  1. It most certainly looks like a tough job, not too sure how keen I would be on working in the print industry after seeing that video (my opinion would have been very different I’m sure in those days). It is amazing how things have changed.

    Love the “Your Life Work” logo at the beginning of the film!




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