The Genius of Retro Arcade Game Fonts

When is the last time you played an arcade game? Did you notice the font?

Sprint 2 Retro Video Game Font

Type designer Toshi Omagari plays retro arcade games specifically for the fonts! According to Omagari, part of the genius of retro video arcade fonts is the limited amount of grid space to design with.

Street Fighter Retro Arcade Game Font

"Before the industry changed to high definition graphics in 2004, early game designers had to confine each letter within an 8 x 8 pixel grid, leaving one of those pixels for spacing." Our personal favorite font is The Simpsons (1991), seen below.

The Simpsons Retro Arcade Game Font

Check out the rest to see more of the genius of retro arcade game fonts. You may even recognize a few of them!

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