Sustainable Graphic Design

Interested in learning about how to turn your graphic communications green? AIGA has a wonderful resource called the Center for Sustainable Design.

AIGA Center For Sustainable Design

The AIGA Center for Sustainable Design is dedicated to providing designers with practical information, including case studies, news articles, discourse and resources, relevant to sustainable business practice. It examines sustainability from a wide range of perspectives: from the nuts and bolts of daily studio life to the larger marketplace dynamics and global concerns within which designers operate. The AIGA Center for Sustainable Design’s objective is to encourage and support designers as they incorporate sustainable thinking into their professional lives.

Their website has an incredibly useful resources page that can do everything from help you understand the basic relationship between sustainability and design to picking the right paper for your next project. One way they suggest to go green is by asking 11 questions before you design:

1. Do we need it? Can we live without it?
2. Is the project designed to minimize waste?
3. Can it be smaller, lighter or made from fewer materials?
4. Is it designed to be durable or multi-functional?
5. Does it use renewable resources?
6. Is reuse practical and encouraged?
7. Are the product and packaging refillable, recyclable or repairable?
8. Is it made with post-consumer recycled or reclaimed materials and how much?
9. Are the materials available in a less toxic form? Can it be made with less toxic materials?
10. Is it available from a socially and environmentally responsible company?
11. Is it made locally?

What efforts have you made to incorporate sustainability into your graphic communications?

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