Reddit Power User Info-Graphic

info-graphic for reddit's top users

Ever since Digg v4 launched (and flopped) Reddit has seen a major increase in users and traffic. Being a Redditaphille myself I found this infographic, designed by Public School, for the Daily Dot, quite interesting.

Although the news-discussion site Reddit may not have the reach or publicity of Twitter or Facebook, the Reddit community's uncanny ability to surface interesting content on the web is nearly unparalleled. Founded by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohania with funding from YCombinator and subsequently purchased in late 2006 by magazine publisher Condé Nast Digital, Reddit has watched early competitor Digg grow, flourish and nearly fail. Thousands upon thousands of users share and discuss anything from the serious to the sarcastic on Reddit every single day, trading in a currency of Karma points.

Oh, and here's the comments on Reddit and the article itself as well.

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