Michael Beirut's Green Patriot Posters in Northeast Ohio

Michael Beirut, a partner at Pentagram, who was born in Cleveland, Ohio has created a series of posters for RTA busses. The posters are part of the Green Patriot Posters program. 40 posters can currently be seen on busses throughout Northeast Ohio. Designed to promote the use of public transportation as a weapon in the war against climate change, the posters also bring about awareness and a call for action.

green patriot posters

From Michael Beirut:

Americans have a great ability to pull together in times of crisis. Each day brings headlines that make it clear that global warming and dependence on costly and scarce foreign oil will demand the same kind of resilience, self-sacrifice and ingenuity that we’ve exhibited in the past: in short, that special American brand of patriotism.

Green Patriot Posters will be launching posters from other designers in the coming months as well as an online competition in September.

From Green Patriot Posters:

During World War II the United States was able to mobilize industry and motivate its citizens in breathtaking speed. Factories were overhauled and consumption habits transformed. Conservation (in the form of rationing) became a patriotic act. Strong, graphically compelling posters played a crucial role in the success of this campaign.

Taking action was presented in these posters as vital for the common good of the nation and those who were willing to sacrifice were portrayed as attractive, dynamic American heroes.

To face the ecological crisis posed by global climate change today a similar mobilization of America is required.

This looks like a wonderful program and I'm thrilled and proud that Cleveland is the first city in the campaign.

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