Logos vs. Branding

Logos vs. Branding

Logos and branding are oftentimes treated as synonymous. Let’s be clear: they are not the same thing.

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A brand is the overall consumer perception of an organization or entity. A logo is a graphic mark that represents an organization visually. Sounds the same? Well, there is an important distinction.

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A logo is certainly part of a brand, a large part in fact, but it begins and ends with the aesthetic of the mark itself. Check out the well-known logos above. Recognize any?

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The logo is present but it is only a part of the brand as a whole. The brand also consists of other forms of visual communication, as well as the customer service department, product offerings, industrial design, corporate culture, and so on.

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In addition to designing a logo, a logo designer may also be tasked with designing other parts of a brand’s identity, like their photographic style, their color palette, or maybe a letterhead. Although brand elements may be designed by the graphic designer, graphic designers primarily create logos, not necessarily brands.

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That said, an effective logo is intricately woven into the brand of an organization. A good logo represents a brand’s objectives, values, and mission. And every so often, a logo is so good that it helps to lead the brand—and the team behind it—into better fulfilling their own objectives, realizing their own goals, and projecting an image that the public can get behind in an active way. Some firms or agencies market themselves as brand designers, others as logo designers, others still as ad agencies that specialize in corporate identity. They’re all doing somewhat of the same thing in the end, but the process to get there might be slightly different from each approach.

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