Is graphic design art

A new website asks one simple question. Is graphic design art? Answer to find out how the internet currently feels about the subject.

Is graphic design art?


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  1. I agree that graphic design is art, however it would have been nice to have seen an argument for both sides. When I voted it was pretty close so there must have been a few people who thought it wasn’t art and it would be interesting to understand their point of view.

  2. True. The simplicity of the site is at once wonderful and frustrating. I think the argument for graphic design NOT being art is that it is done to communicate corporate messages, or more specifically a message that is not the artists own. To which I say, well then what about all those wonderful commissioned religious painting throughout history. In our times corporations are in power and have a message that needs communicated. Maybe one day modern graphic design will be looked back upon as the truly relevant art.




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