If Fonts Were People

College Humor asks the question, what if fonts were real people, and answers in a humorous fashion. The result is entertaining but they made the personalties of the fonts based on their names, not on their actual characteristics, which is still funny, but not quite as nerdy as it could have been.

Times New Roman

The whole thing is worth watching just for when Wingdings enters the room. Oh, and by the way, in real life, Comic Sans never saves the day.


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  1. Another awesome video! I agree with you and like to see the personalities based on the visual characteristics of the font rather than the name. Loved it when Wingdings entered the room, “Mail box, Mail box, Mail Box!”

    Who do you think would save the day?

  2. Thanks Lucinda.

    It’s hard to say who would save the day. Helvetica is probably the Superman of typefaces I suppose. It’s a bit generic, people don’t like it because it’s ubiquitous, but it’s strength cannot be denied and if you simply put glasses on it, it turns into something completely different.




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