Graphic Designers Get out the Vote (some more than others)

The graphic designer's role in society is to communicate messages visually. Quite often when designers feel they have something to say on their own they use the same tools they would use to get any other message across. Those tools, of course, being the various forms of visual communication.

Currently (in the U.S.), the election is on everyone's mind and most people have something to say. Graphic designers are no different. This post highlights some works of design that have been made to encourage the democratic process.

AIGA and Design for Democracy

As previously mentioned, AIGA's Design for Democracy focuses on ballot design as a solution to clear and fair elections. The AIGA has also encouraged it's member so make nonpartisan posters and videos encouraging voter participation.

Design for Democracy 1

Design for Democracy 4

Over 250 members have submitted posters available for download in print quality. Many others have participated in creating motion graphics which leads me to...


There are a plethora of wonderful motion graphics, many sponsored by Design for Democracy, and others not, created to encourage people to vote. Most of the videos focus on encouraging young voters to get out on election day. Here are 3 of my favorites.

30 Reasons

30 Reasons says their goal is simple: "Use design to build a logical, multi-faceted argument for Obama and make it easy to share each reason with another person." The designers on board include Milton Glaser, Frank Chimero, and John Klotnia.

30 reasons 1

Each day a new poster is released for 30 days leading up to November 4th.

Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey of Obey Giant fame has created the most famous image of the election season.

Shepard Fairey Barack Obama Hope

Most of you have no doubt already seen this poster, as it's become quite an icon, however, I couldn't not mention it in this discussion.

Artists for Obama

The Obama campaign has welcomed and encouraged independent artists to show their support. They even have a special section on their website to showcase the posters and sell prints. Besides a Shepard Fairey print I also really enjoy the Scott Hansen poster shown here.

Obama Progress

Hansen also has a wonderful "making of the poster" on his website.

Graphic Designers for McCain Pailn

There are plenty of graphic designers that are either non-partisan and/or Obama supporting that are creating interesting works to get people to get out and vote and vote for their guy. In fairness I tried to find some of the same resources, excitement, and support among the graphic design community for the McCain campaign but all I could find was this button.

graphic designers for mccain palin

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