Designer’s Guide to Logos: A Call for Submissions

Over the past year I have written a book called “The Designer’s Guide to Logos.” One of the things that I want to include in the book are stories of logo designs in progress, from start to finish; pencil sketches, rough ideas, concepts, mind-maps, those sorts of things, shown next to the finished logo design. This way the reader can really see what goes into designing a logo. Instead of featuring exclusively my own work, I am opening the book up for submissions here so that other designers can be included and get their work featured as well.

Designer's Guide to Logos Cover

The main text is roughly 40,000 words and takes the reader through the logo design process from before the project begins, to the first meetings, through research, into the design phase, past revisions, and ends with support after the logo “goes live.” There is a section on how to figure out what to charge and it also features logo evolution stories from some of the worlds most recognizable brands like Word Wildlife Fund, BP, YMCA, Chanel, IBM, and the London Underground (among others).

WWF, IBM, Chanel

Twenty-five logo design progress stories will be featured, seven have already been chosen, which leaves eighteen available spaces. Each process story will include five images of a logo design along the process from pencil sketches to refined concepts and ending with the finished logo. This is where I need you.

Hope on the Slopes Logo in Progress

If you have a logo that you want featured in the book please send four hi-res images of the design process, and one hi-res image of the final logo, along with supporting text for each image (a sentence or two) to and you will be considered for inclusion. Or, if you have any questions you can contact me here.

Obviously not everyone can be included, so this is a bit of a “contest” (although I hate that word). Please do not create work specifically for this book, this is not a spec-job. Only send a submission if the work is already complete and is a real world logo (no concept only stuff).

Looking forward to seeing all of your amazing work. Good luck!

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  1. Hi – I wanted to know if you were still considering submissions – I just finished a chocolate logo (using real chocolate as typography), and it is a very interesting story… fun also…. thanks, Cheryl



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