Check Out How Designer Daniel Savage Creates an Illustration for The New Yorker in Seven Days

Designer and animation director Daniel Savage shows the behind the scenes work of creating an illustration for an article about paper jams, published in The New Yorker.

Illustration Made for The New Yorker

While on a snowboarding trip, Dan Savage was able to complete the project in only seven days. Check out some of his concept drawings below.

“The first concept was a view from inside the printer. Paper would fly around until they jammed, then the hatch would open up and 3 engineers would poke their head in. This idea would have been fun animated but might not have been as interesting in print.”

Daniel Savage Concept Sketch 1

“The second concept was an engineer’s picture printed on a piece of jammed paper. Animated it would have gone from a clean to jammed and his expression would have changed from happy to annoyed. There was an opportunity to actually print this and do some stop motion animation.”

Daniel Savage Concept Sketch 2

“The third concept was the direction they chose. Pretty obvious conceptually—the engineer is the one jammed in the printer.”

Once the concept was approved, the process of sketching began. Check out the time lapse of Dan sketching on his iPad, shown below.

Daniel Savage Sketching Process Time Lapse

There were a few changes made to the character’s features. The shape of the character’s head was revised several times in order to look more geometric.

Daniel Savage Sketching Process

Once the illustration was complete, it was time for animation.

Daniel Savage Working in After Effects

“Originally I was going to have him get sucked in to the printer then pushed back, but found it funnier to make the poses much more exaggerated with quick cuts to each one. This was animated in After Effects which makes it easier to hit the quick editorial deadlines.”

Read the rest of the article to check out how designer Daniel Savage creates an illustration for The New Yorker in seven days. For more on designer Daniel Savage’s illustrations and animations, visit Daniel Savage’s website to see more of his work.


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