Allegory of the Cave

The Allegory of the Cave from Plato's The Republic is an ancient masterpiece often used to put college students to sleep in their desks. Exactly the opposite of Plato's intentions. Shown here is my visual interpretation of the classic story told in 5 short panels.

The Allegory of the Cave - Page 1 of 5

The Allegory of the Cave - Page 2 of 5

The Allegory of the Cave - Page 3 of 5

The Allegory of the Cave - Page 4 of 5

The Allegory of the Cave - Page 5 of 5

This is the sort of work that I enjoy creating outside of my professional ventures and thought it might be nice to share a small piece of it here, with you. What do you think?

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  1. Thanks for sharing some of your personal work. I can't say I know the story, but have read the Wikipedia summary and think you have rounded it up well. The illustration is lovely, how long does it take you to draw something like this?

  2. Thanks Lucinda. It took me a little over 100 hours to complete these 5 panels. That includes reading the story and plotting it out, sketching everything, final pencils, bringing it into the computer for color and fine tuning, as well as printing and mounting the giclee. I probably needed another 100 to get it to the point where I originally envisioned it, but that's a whole different story. 🙂

  3. It sure can drag on! You have to know when to say enough is enough. It helps that for this one I had a gallery opening as a deadline. Otherwise I probably would have never even gotten around to it. Ha!



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